Alexander Hetzel

My name is Alexander Hetzel, and I’m a strategic communications advisor. I help people strategically design information to persuade others of their value.

I’m also the founder of Gladspring Consulting, a communications advisory firm based in Germany.

Areas of interest

I research and write about the interconnection between information science and strategic communication, specifically about the usage of information to meet business objectives. To reach their audiences, businesses have to rethink how they display information. One paragraph too long or one detail hidden in an unexpected alley, and information-overloaded readers will change lanes.

In my writing and consultancy, I cover topics such as strategy, research, information management and architecture, writing, social psychology, design, and discoverability. Dozens of factors determine whether information persuade or overwhelm the recipient. That's why I help organizations to be more effective at winning over their audiences.

Technology and design never fail to fascinate me. At the age of 12, I started designing and programming websites. I’m proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and JSON. My content management system of choice is WordPress, about which I’ve written a comprehensive book. Furthermore, I’m well-versed in UX, SEO, and digital marketing and advertising. My métiers are information design, web standards, and website speed—three elements that heavily influence the success of digital content.

Besides that, I like exploring everything that is connected with knowledge, particularly personal knowledge management. I’m constantly looking for ways to blend analog and digital methods, as I believe that a mere digital approach to knowledge isn’t effective despite recent technological advances.

Personal life

While away from my desk, I like reading books, poems, and articles, visiting museums, galleries and exhibitions, and playing piano. Recently, I started playing the guitar as well. I also make time for exercising, meditation, and juggling.

I’m currently living in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.