Alexander Hetzel specializes in high-end corporate publishing and advises cultivated companies seeking to attract audiences beyond reach.

Discover how your organization can benefit from targeting exclusive audiences. By elevating your communication, you can appeal to customers less susceptible to your competitor’s price wars and more likely to stay loyal to your brand.

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Communication that focuses on gaining awareness in a short period of time or that tries to appeal to everyone typically attracts a highly price-sensitive clientele that cannot and will not appreciate the effort remarkable products and services require. And yet, ordinary marketing tactics are still prescribed to unaware organizations whose reputation they could jeopardize.

If you’ve worked with agencies or consultancies before and found that the collaboration didn’t quite yield the results you expected, you might find that Alexander Hetzel employs a different approach.


In the 21st century, everyone with access to a computer or smartphone can publish information and make it look legitimate. The field of communication in particular enjoys a wide variety of sources of questionable renown. But the information you consume determines the success of your strategies and how wisely you allocate your budgets and resources.

By basing your decisions on superior information tailored to the needs of companies like yours, you can ensure your team moves in the right direction.


Across industries, there are companies that stand out. They provide higher quality than others; they reflect on metrics beyond profitability; they offer something unique because they believe that an organization that lasts centuries must have a distinct vision that cannot be compromised.

Alexander Hetzel works with organizations that provide an escape from the commonplace—companies dedicated to their values.


The Hidden Emphasis is an independent magazine designed, developed, and edited by Alexander Hetzel. It publishes essays and reviews aimed at writers and organizations seeking to create distinctive publications. This magazine is also an experiment in content strategy and creation. And an example that it doesn’t take more than a team of one to operate a publication whose contents are crafted with great care and attention to detail.

Discover what it takes to create a magazine and how you can enhance your employees’ writing processes.