Bridging the gap between content and culture.

Companies across industries hire me to fix their content.

Content is more than the articles in a magazine, and it’s about far more than raising awareness. I advise companies on using content to communicate their identity. To connect with their stakeholders. To bridge the gap between content and culture. I help them convey how deeply they care.

In a time when everyone is inundated with shallow information, the brand who wins our attention is not the loudest anymore—for its voice is only drowning in the noise. You attract the right people by obsessing as much about your content as you do about your products.

I transform communication from aimless to cohesive, from complicated to simple, from ordinary to elegant. But, above all, I make my clients’ content work for them.

Do you communicate how much you care?

Companies that are passionate about what they do need to ensure their content aligns with their values. Or they risk alienating stakeholders.


Your content can shape the perception of your brand more significantly than your products or services.

Brand Equity

Exceptional content increases your brand’s value so your customers associate it with higher quality and superior performance.

Customer Retention

Stay in your customers’ minds by creating content they’ll seek even when they’re not shopping.

Word of Mouth

You can’t expect your customers to endorse your brand if you neglect to communicate why they should.


The right content attracts the right people. It presents a lower barrier than confronting customers with a buying decision right away.

Competitive Advantage

Competing on price is a race you can’t win. Instead, compete by offering your customers a first-class experience they’ll remember.

Platform Independence

Thriving companies don’t need ads. They create their own publications for a perpetual stream of attention.

Talent Acquisition

The best talent seeks to identify with your culture. To make the leap, learn to communicate your values.

Higher Margins

The greater your brand equity, the higher the price your customers are willing to pay.

Does your magazine satisfy high expectations?

Quality content passes the “Newsstand Test”: If your customers wouldn’t pay for your publication if it was sold at a newsstand, they also won’t read it for free.


Due to my experience in communication, business strategy, and web development, I possess a skill set rare in this industry.

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Content Strategy

I can help you devise a strategy that gives your company’s communication a cohesive direction. Otherwise, your message might get lost half way.

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Thought Leadership

Whether corporate or personal brand, you need to be perceived as leading in your field if you want the right people to pay attention.

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Business Strategy

To achieve its full potential, your content needs to be aligned with your business strategy. Make the way you communicate a strategic decision.

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Purpose-driven companies outperform their competitors by achieving higher market share gains and growing three times faster. What is your “why?”

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Successful brands have in common that their communication isn’t an accident. It’s a matter of professionalism to communicate with care.

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User Experience

Users are impatient, and they’ll spend only a limited time on your platform. How you present your content is just as crucial as how you phrase it.

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Cost Transformation

Marketing has a tendency to consume more money than budgeted. I can help you distinguish what yields the results you desire and what is inefficient.

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Technical Audit

A deep audit of your platform will surface what’s holding back performance, what’s aching your users, and how you can improve your website’s rankings.

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Strategic Insights

Make better decisions by basing them on superior information. Never miss out on what works for you with strategic papers tailored to cultivated brands.

Is your content aligned with your brand’s DNA?

It’s easier to teach employees how to write than to teach copywriters who you are. Don’t let those who don’t understand your culture speak for you.


For your company to move forward, we need to row in the same direction. Let’s make sure our values align.

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I work with companies that strive for excellence because average is only one step before failure. You hire me when you need someone who pays attention to detail when others have faltered.

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Anticipating reactions has become vital in an age when needs are shifting and opinions are expressed ferociously. I help your company navigate pitfalls and cater to your stakeholders’ actual needs.

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What you do isn’t simple. But your communication needs to be so it can convince your audience within the few seconds they give you. I aim to communicate without overcomplicating or oversimplifying.

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You can’t separate content from design. Before we read, we view. By gauging aesthetics, we subconsciously decide whether we want to read on or look somewhere else.

Does your communication need a new direction?

Ordinary content only works for ordinary companies with ordinary customers. If that description doesn’t fit your business, it might be time to change course.

Use Cases

Companies hire me for different reasons. Here is a list of selected scenarios you might find yourself in.


Appraising content strategy, copywriting, information design, or web development.

Blog Strategy

Devising a blog’s content strategy that makes it stand out and attract new audiences.

Business Strategy

Transforming a company’s business strategy into one that’s fit for the digital age.


Streamlining communication and ensuring stakeholders don’t receive mixed signals.

Content Niche

Locating a niche for a brand’s content that aligns with its capabilities and objectives.

Core Message

Distilling a brand’s essence as a foundation for communicating clearly and effectively.

Making your content work for you

First session free

The first 60 minutes are risk-free and without charge.

Transparent pricing

Fair rates based on value, not willingness to pay.

Sincere partnership

One advisor instead of being transferred yet again.

Independent advice

No affiliations with agencies or other service providers.

Good question.

I’ve answered a few questions in advance that might be on your mind.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email your questions to

Is this for us? Reveal answer
My approach differs from what many other consultancies and agencies do. That doesn’t mean they’re not worth your time, just that they typically work towards different goals. My objective is to elevate your brand and communicate to your stakeholders what you excel at and how much you care. It is also my job to ensure the consultancies and agencies you’re already working with have your best interests in mind. If you find previous advisors cared more about reaching arbitrary numbers than preserving (or increasing) your brand equity, thus putting your brand’s survival at risk, you’ll find that working with me differs from what you’re used to. I suggest you give it a try—the first hour is free—, and then you’ll see how working with me can benefit your company today and in the future. In hindsight, you might be happy someone pointed out the details others have missed.
Why should we hire you? Reveal answer
If you’re asking what distinguishes me from other consultants, I’d say it’s not so much about what I offer as it is about how I work. I know many companies are dissatisfied with consultants and agencies because they view their clients as just another project. They run the numbers, give advice, move on to the next. I, on the other hand, try to soak up the culture of the company I advise—acting with the same responsibility and caring as much about the company’s future as someone who owns it. I go to great lengths to ensure it’ll thrive not only today but for centuries to come while preserving its heritage and values. If that’s something you’re interested in, we should talk.
What does the term “content” entail? Reveal answer
It’s still a common misconception that a company’s content only comprises the articles in its blog. Content is every piece of communication a company releases. From the front page of its website to each product description and business letter to the privacy policy—every company produces numerous pieces of content daily. And the quality of this content determines how stakeholders perceive a brand.
Why would aesthetics matter in our industry? Reveal answer
Aesthetics is not about a specific look but about the pleasure products and services elicit in us. For different products, another design or style might be appropriate. But what they all have in common, whether it’s shoes, nail polish, beauty treatments, hotel experiences, tax advice, tiling, screwdrivers, or even screws, is that they sell better when customers are delighted with them. And customers will pay a premium for delight—yet not for the mere utility of your products or services. Aesthetics is vital when dealing with sophisticated clientele who appreciates design and culture but by no means limited to this target group. Feelings drive buying decisions regardless of socioeconomic status, and aesthetics largely determines how your customers feel about your company.
Do you offer marketing or web services? Reveal answer
My consulting doesn’t encompass typical marketing or web development services. I’m an independent advisor who helps companies devise communication strategies and make the right decisions. You might still need marketing personnel or an agency to carry out routine tasks. In my experience, it’s rarely beneficial to let a marketing agency determine your strategy, as the proposed measures might not always be in your best interest. That’s why you need a consultant who doesn’t implement the measures he recommends and is not affiliated with any agency.
Will we need to inform our agency? Reveal answer
Some agencies don’t respond well to oversight. And since I often work at the intersection of companies and the agencies they hire—cutting costs and scrutinizing proposals—, you might be concerned how discreetly I handle my client relationships. I don’t give out or publish client lists, and I don’t talk about my work without prior written consent. Unless you inform them or wish that I work as a meditator between you and your agency, it’s unlikely they’ll ever find out.