Your best decision in 2022? Making content a priority.

Strong communication should be on every leader’s agenda. Whether it’s causing awareness, positioning your brand as a thought leader, or creating a sense that every employee is part of a team—words matter. But words will not engage your stakeholders unless your content strategy is intentional and foresighted. That’s why I help companies transform through content.

The difference between peas and pianos

Content that works for a grocery store doesn’t satisfy the needs of a boutique selling exclusive shoes. And laundry detergents are far more easily explained than supply chains and APIs. Why would you hire an FMCG agency when you’re offering superior goods to people known for their refined taste? Or complex services to Fortune 500 companies? I specialize in content strategy for brands that offer sophisticated products to selective customers.

Mr. Hetzel thoroughly analyzed our company and our strategic goals. We’ve been very pleased with his services; in fact, he exceeded our expectations. We gladly recommend his services.

Andreas Creutzmann (CEO), IVA ValuationAndreas Creutzmann (CEO)
IVA Valuation

Six benefits of working with me

A good consultant is invisible to the eye. (One reason I work remotely.)

1. Audience

Well-educated customers are appalled by shallow, generic content; it makes them think twice before purchasing a product. I specialize in sophisticated content that attracts cultivated and selective audiences so your efforts don’t miss the mark.

2. Value

Content strategy draws from fields such as SEO, user experience design, and information architecture. I combine these disciplines into one coherent offer, saving you the hassle and cost of hiring four consultants for effectively the same role.

3. Experience

Successful content marketing requires a strong understanding of markets, people, and technology. After more than 10 years in content strategy, over 15 in SEO, and more than 20 in web development, I know what works and what doesn’t.

4. Education

Every day, I invest a significant amount of time in education. From staying up-to-date on current affairs and trends to constantly broadening my horizons through international books, articles, and case studies by acclaimed institutions.

5. Flexibility

Whether you’d like to occasionally ask for advice or save 20% by committing to a project—my models fit your company’s needs at any time. Retainers start as low as three hours per month for three months. Contracts are fair and flexible.

6. Commitment

Don’t worry about being lured in by a senior partner and advised by a junior. I’ll be your advisor for the entire course of our professional relationship, and I’ll be the only one working on your projects. No outsourcing, no trainees, no doubts.

Have your content match your quality

Your content is part of your product, just like the box that it comes in.

Content Strategy

Content strategy encompasses quantitative and qualitative audits, aligning your content with your brand and business strategy, and aiding the content curation process. Simple style guides will help your employees deliver consistently high quality. I’ll be monitoring all efforts.

The result? Well-curated content that captivates your stakeholders and positions your brand as a thought leader.

SEO Consulting

SEO begins with a technical analysis of your website to determine potential shortcomings that might prevent your content strategy from succeeding. Then we’ll develop an SEO strategy, perform keyword research, optimize your content, and monitor the progress.

The result? Well-structured, semantic content without repetitive language that search engines understand and value.

UX Design & IA

Quality content needs the right environment to flourish because frustrated users won’t buy, regardless of how well-crafted your texts are. I’ll help you improve your website’s user experience and organize your content using taxonomies and metadata.

The result? An effective user experience design and an accessible information architecture that drive engagement.

Looking for a fresh perspective?

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